We are a West African Group based in Cameroon, Gabon and in Congo. We work with the Bwiti practitioners (Pigmies precisely the Fang). We have got a variety medicinal herbs and shrubs that we have come to notice they can really be of great help to the world. We ship our medicinal herbs all over the world. We also do follow up of our clients until there are in great form or healthy. We have a plantation of the following plants in Cameroon:

Iboga or Tabernanthe or Sacred wood, Voacanga Africana , Moringa Powder and Yohimbe.

We having been working with these plants since childhood we grow up with these plants being part of us. We also have numerous recommendations from many in the West and in Europe that we have worked with them in one way or the other, to solve one problem or the other.


Our plants are well grown, well harvested and well sunned at room temperature in order to obtain the greatest quality one can imagine. Also, for example our Iboga, Voacanga, and Yohimbe are given the ample time from 6 to 10years and even more before they are harvested just to have a very good quality of these plants. So, we make sure we remove the bad roots and leaves to obtain the purest of our products. 


Our shipments are done from Cameroon where our plantation is base. This way we use an Express Mail Courier shipment (EMS)/ . We also use DHL to ship to clients who want to receive their packages as soon as possible but with this method the client is fall to pay on the shipment since DHL is expensive. But with EMS once shipped the package usually takes 7 working days before it arrives to the client where he or she is. These shipment agencies are very reliable because our clients always receive their packages intact.